3 Reasons to Care for Your Car Wheels With Ceramic Coating

In a recent blog, Portughes shared a few benefits of using ceramic coating on your car, and how this innovative cleaning technique is able to prolong the life of your vehicle while leaving it with an overall gleam and shine. This time, we’re bringing you a few reasons why you should apply this product to your car wheels. Read on for some useful insights brought to you by the team behind some of the best car detailing Malta has to offer.


1. Car wheels are generally not very easy to clean

A large variety of contaminants (such as brake dust) gather very easily and bond with your wheels, making them particularly challenging to remove. Moreover, the shapes, indents and curves of most car wheels allow these particles to accumulate in areas where they can be hard to reach and get rid of by using just a mitt or a car brush. Ceramic coating, on the other hand, can prevent these particles from bonding with your wheels. Not only does it make cleaning much easier, but it also saves you a considerable amount of time and money in the long run.


2. Car wheels are subject to more wear and tear

For obvious reasons, car wheels are far more vulnerable to things like gravel, puddles on the road and loose rocks. The brake dust created can easily bond to your wheels due to the fact that the brakes themselves are extremely close to the wheel spokes. The dust is formed as the brake pads press against the rotors. By applying ceramic coating, you further ensure that your vehicle’s wheels have that extra layer of protection, decreasing its vulnerability to road debris. The coating’s hydrophobic qualities along with its built-in scratch resistance also makes the wheels easier to maintain.


3. Ceramic Coating Leaves Your Car Looking Stylish and Classy!

Besides giving your car extra protection, the durability of ceramic coating also guarantees an incredible shine, meaning that unsightly wheels won’t interfere with the appearance of brand new car paint.


If you’re looking for professionals of car detailing in Malta, Portughes is at your service!

We offer a broad spectrum of different car detailing services for both the interior and exterior of vehicles. Our IGL ceramic coatings are available in four different categories: IGL Kenzo, IGL Quartz +, IGL Quartz and IGL Poly. To find out which one would be best for your car wheels, along with more information about our services, contact Portughes today – the very best in car detailing and car cleaning in Malta!

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