3 Things to Remember When Choosing Car Wash Soap

Shopping around for your next car wash soap? With loads of brands and varying prices on the market, it’s easy to get confused. You want a soap which not only gives your beloved car its gorgeous shine but protects it whether it’s a rainy or sunny day. Portughes Car Detailing – experts in car detailing in Malta – has come up with some useful tips that are worth keeping in mind when looking for a car soap.


1. Purchase a pH balanced car wash soap

While it might not sound like much to the home car cleaner, it can make all the difference in quality results. A pH balanced car wash soap is not corrosive or acidic, and thus will not strip the car’s surface clear of a pre-existing sealant. Do your car’s finish a favour, stick with a pH balanced soap.


2. Opt for a heavy-foaming formula

Essentially, foam loosens all the dirt, grease, and grime that has built up on your car since your last wash – which if we’re honest, may have been months! Loosening these contaminants means an easier wash for you and most importantly, a safer wash for your car’s finish. Furthermore, foam provides lubrication for your wash pad.


3. Consider the brand

Not all car care product manufacturers are created equal. It comes down to ingredients and attention to detail, where more boutique manufacturers can provide better results in almost every aspect of car cleaning. Having extensive knowledge of the car detailing industry, our team at Portughes stocks premium quality products, manufactured by Autobrite.

We offer car cleaning products and accessories including car shampoo, polish, wax and microfibre towels. Our professional range of Autobrite Direct Car Care products are easy to use and will leave your car looking slick and shiny every time. When shopping for a car wash soap, your best bet is to get as much information on the product you want before buying it. The best car wash soap will complement the proper car wash procedure by being pH balanced, biodegradable, and having a heavy-foam formula.


If you’re at a loss as to where to search for the best car cleaning products, remember to come to Portughes Car Detailing. Being the company offering the best car detailing Malta has to offer, we stock a great range of quality car cleaning products!


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