4 Persistent Things That Get on Our Clothes and Drive Us Mad

When we wash our clothes in the right way, they normally come out looking good as new. However, there are certain things that ruin this satisfaction, making us feel the need to wash them repeatedly or give up altogether. Here are 4 things that can get on your clothes which seem like a nightmare to remove:

Particularly with certain materials such as cotton, linen, and wool, lint is very easy to find – but not so easy to remove. If you see the beginning of a build-up of lint on your clothes, a few swipes with a simple lint remover could do the trick, but this might not be enough if your clothes are covered in it.

If you’ve got pets at home or are simply an animal lover who can’t resist petting every animal you see, you’ll know all too well how quickly and persistently their fur can stick to your clothes. There are special clothing brushes which might be able to help remove at least the majority of it, but chances are that there will still be a frustrating amount of seemingly unremovable fur stuck on – especially if your clothes are black!

Bad smells
Certain smells can linger on your clothes much longer than others, meaning that they unfortunately don’t wash off so easily. From clothes which have been stored or damp for a long period of time to smells from cigarettes, fuel, and even perspiration, getting your clothes to smell fresh once again is not always so easy.

If you spill something on your clothes which will probably leave a stain, you might be tempted to wash it immediately and try to dab it out. Depending on what it is that caused the stain and the severity of it, the best option might be to not wash it at all, but send it over for dry cleaning instead.

In any of these cases, when you feel as though washing your clothes is not making the situation any better, get in touch with Portughes Dry Cleaning and we will help to bring your clothes back to their former glory. Call us on 2144 4444 for more information, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.