4 Tips to Help You Survive Summer Laundry

With hotter temperatures and warmer air, summer brings with it many other things: pool parties, BBQs on the beach, sports, swimming and camping. However, all these activities also mean more laundry! As the leading launderette in Malta, the team at Portughes shares a few tips below on how to handle washing dirty clothes during the hottest season of the year.


1. Step up your air-drying game

Give your tumble dryer a break and take advantage of the warm weather by hanging your clothes outside. Not only does this save electricity, but air-drying also adds a fresh, clean smell to laundry.


2. Always rinse out swimsuits after use

The best and quickest way of doing this is to run them through a burst of cold water, and make sure to squeeze out the water before throwing them into the washing machine. Rinsing swimwear with cold, fresh water after a day out helps to remove chlorine or salt water, which are both potentially very damaging to the material.


3. Say no to B.O.

It’s no surprise that most of us sweat like crazy during summer, which often leads to nasty odours that emanate from our frequently worn clothing. Use quality detergent to remove bad smells, fight stains and brighten up your clothes.


4. Tips on beating common summer stains:

Sunblock: Mix together one ¼ warm water and a tablespoon of pre-soak product, and leave the clothing item to soak for about half an hour.

Tomato-based stains: Ketchup is oh-so-delicious with a hot dog or burger just off the grill, but it does have a habit of spilling everywhere! Simply force the stain out through the fabric by running cold water over the back of the material covering the affected area. Otherwise, use a gel, spray or stain remover stick, leaving the garment to sit for about 7 minutes before throwing it in the washing machine.

Ice-Cream: Brush any excess food off the fabric’s surface, and dilute the stain by rinsing the material in cold water. Cover the stain with washing detergent and leave to soak for 20 minutes. Always treat dairy stains with cool or cold water, as hot water tends to cook the proteins, causing any marks left on the garment to become even darker.

Pollen: Soak the affected clothing item in cold water for half an hour, then rinse. If the stain is still present, use a spot stain remover before washing at the highest recommended temperature for the fabric in question.


The beach is calling – let the best launderette in Malta deal with your summer laundry while you work on your suntan!

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