5 Great Benefits of Car Detailing

Here at Portughes, we believe that sometimes, ‘clean’ isn’t enough. This is why we take our car cleaning services up a notch, offering a fantastic range of car detailing packages to suit the needs of your car, no matter its condition.

From interior vacuuming, glass cleaning, and tyre dressing to paint glazing, headlight restoration, road grime removal, engine bay cleaning, and more, our car detailing services can get your car looking good as new, inside and out. Here are some benefits that come with our car detailing services:

Optimal Protection
Maintaining your car with professional services such as car detailing can protect your car from certain elements such as UV rays, salt, acid rain, road grime, and anything else that can oxidise the paint, causing corrosion and rust. These damages will not only affect the look of your car, but also the quality and value.

Ensure Safety
Car detailing is great for making your car sparkle and shine, but more than for just aesthetic reasons, this is also important for safety. Here are some examples of how car detailing can improve safety:

– Maintaining mirrors and windows which is crucial for optimal visibility
– Restoring headlights to keep them bright, making it safer to drive at night or in the dark
– Dressing tyres which helps to prevent drying out and premature cracking in the rubber

Preserve Paint Quality
There are lots of things that can damage your car paint over time, such as dust, tree sap, bird droppings, dead insects, tar, and more – not to mention brake dust that can stain and damage alloy wheels. Car detailing and paint correction can help to preserve the quality of your car’s exterior, keeping it looking its best for as long as possible.

Healthy Interior
Have you ever noticed how much dust gathers inside your car? And have you ever wondered how many germs there are inside your car too? Everything inside your car, from the steering wheel and the seats to the air vents and carpets, is covered with millions of micro-organisms that can affect your health. A cleaner interior means a healthier you, which is why it’s so important to have your car cleaned inside and out.

The Perfect Look
Many people say that a car is a reflection of its owner – and besides, who doesn’t love having a gorgeous car that looks good and well-taken-care-of? Our car detailing service can get your car looking as good as new, so whether your car is getting worn out and needs some sprucing up, or it’s still quite new and you just want to keep it looking fantastic, Portughes is the place to go.

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