5 Laundry Apps You Need In Your Life

Has all that washing got your head in a spin? Worry not – thanks to modern day technology, our daily chores just keep getting easier and easier. Nowadays, there seems to be an app for everything, even laundry! As the leading launderette in Malta, Portughes Dry Cleaning has compiled a brief list of the most useful laundry apps available.


1. Laundry Pro (Google Play Store)

Do those cryptic care symbols always manage to confuse you? This app serves as a handy reference tool that will help decipher every washing symbol that could appear on a care label. DIfferent sections are divided into categories like “WASH”, “IRON”, “BLEACH” and “DRY”. The care symbols listed also come with a set of detailed instructions and explanations.


2. The Ultimate Stain Remover Tips (Google Play Store)

Banish those blemishes and freshen up those fabrics with a little help from this useful laundry pocket guide. Whether it’s a nasty wine blotch on your new evening dress or a persistent odour on the carpet that just won’t go away, this app contains washing advice for the most difficult of stains or smells. Methods include suggestions of common chemical products or quick, natural home remedies.


3. Laundry Day (iTunes)

Similar to its Android counterpart appearing first on this list, Laundry Day allows users to scan care labels on clothes with their phone and then wait for the app to load detailed washing instructions. You can also select the different washing symbols manually from a ready-made list.


4. Laundry Design Ideas (Google Play Store)

This digital tool features insightful and sensible designs for laundry rooms, offering ideas on how to save space, insulate sound and how to lay out shelving and cupboards for storage. If you find doing laundry a difficult and unpleasant task to carry out, this app can transform it into the most pleasant of chores simply by telling you how to arrange your washroom to your convenience.


5. Laundry Tracker (Google Play Store)

So much laundry, so little time! This app is great to have in hand if you use professional services for dry cleaning and washing your clothes. Record any pending transactions and set reminders to pick up your laundry; generate and export reports of transactions through Bluetooth, Dropbox or email. There are over 15 colour schemes to choose from, along with notification settings from which you can set alarms with the sound of your choice to go along with any reminders.


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