5 Summer Fashion Trends to Follow in 2019

Is your summer wardrobe looking painfully threadbare and out-of-date, thanks to years of hoarding the same outfits? (Don’t worry – we’ve all been there). Apart from the essentials such as the little white dress, bucket hats, sandals and of course, a trusty pair of flip-flops for sunny beach days, there’s plenty of summer fashion to look forward to this year. As the leading launderette in Malta, the team at Portughes Dry Cleaning have listed the top trends below.


1. Maxi Dresses

If you’ve got the height to pull off one of these gorgeous garments, you’re in luck – they’re very in this season (although, to be fair, when does a maxi dress ever not look good?) The hottest fabric for these frocks at the moment is densely woven and thin poplin, an ideal lightweight material for hot weather.


2. Puff Sleeves

Fair enough – they’re not for everyone. But let those of us who were obsessed with Anne of Green Gables as children have our moment! As a matter of fact, puff sleeves are perfect to wear during a heatwave, as their design and shape allow for air to breeze through even on the hottest of days. Plus, they’re just really cute.


3. Tie Dye

A colourful micro-trend that has blown up this season, tie dye may seem to have rather old-fashioned roots, stemming back to the 1960s. That being said, now is definitely the time to indulge your inner hippie. You can either opt for a beach maxi-dress or a bold, matching-two piece to up the modern factor. Far out, man.


4. Fringes

Get your cowboy on this season with Western-inspired trends infiltrating fashion outlets everywhere. From handbags and skirts to jackets and everything else in-between, fringes can go with pretty much anything. Pair a simple white T-Shirt with a colourful, printed fringe-lined skirt for a simple yet striking look.


5. Animal Prints

A particular favourite with fashionistas this summer are loud leopard prints, which can be worn on almost everything: dresses, trousers, suits and more. Mix bold and bright colours with strong and striking designs for a playful and stylish appearance.

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