5 Tips to Follow Before Scheduling Your Dry Cleaning Pick Up

A professional dry cleaning service shouldn’t be looked at as an expense but an investment in taking good care of garments – whether expensive or not. After all, no one buys clothes with the intention of using them just once. So, finding the most optimal way of washing them ensures that they’ll be cared for properly.

Dry cleaning is a service most of us have used or will use at some point in our lives – but not everyone is aware of how to make the most out of it. For optimal results, be sure to do the following before scheduling your garments for pick up:

1. Read the care labels

It’s important to assess the labels on your clothing. This is where you’ll find any recommended special care requirements by the manufacturer. You’ll probably need to confirm whether the garments can be indeed dry cleaned in the first place.

2. Are there any stains?

If you know of any stains on the item of clothing, it’s good to notify your dry cleaner. This is because many stains and blemishes will need special attention to remove, so it’s imperative to ensure the staff is aware. If you know the source of the stain, be sure to mention that too – it’ll make the cleaning process easier and give you the best results.

3. Check for existing damages

Allocate some time to fully scrutinise your clothes or textiles’ condition. Look out for any minor issues, such as missing buttons, broken zippers, and loose threads. It’s important to let the dry cleaners know about these beforehand, so that they can make a note and make any special arrangements necessary. This includes making repairs or cleaning your garments separately.

4. Empty those pockets!

When prepping our clothes for dry cleaning, it’s sometimes done in such a rush, that we forget to remove our wallet or smartphone from that coat pocket or from our trousers. Also remember that items like coins, pens, paperclips, and keys can actually damage clothing during the dry cleaning process. To avoid this mishap, make sure to check what you’re sending off before giving your garments to pick up appointment.

5. Pack your garments appropriately

Place all garments, including quilts and other linen, in a non-returnable bag which will be destroyed or recycled upon reaching our premises. It would be unsanitary for us to place your clean clothes back in the same bag and hangers provided. Otherwise, it’d defeat the whole purpose of dry cleaning altogether.

If you have any clothes or textiles that are in dire need of a good cleaning, get in touch with us today. Here at Portughes Dry Cleaning, you needn’t hassle to drop off your clothes yourself. Simply call 2144 4444 and you can schedule a pick-up day and time.

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