5 Tips to Keep Your Car Clean With Kids

If you have children riding with you in your car, you’re probably constantly repeating the same things: “No food or drinks!” or “Don’t put your feet up on the seat!”. However, these rules often don’t last very long. That’s why we’ve listed 5 child-proof tips to keep your car looking brand new!

1. Be strict with litter

Garbage accumulates over time. Whether it’s a wrapper, a fast food bag, or receipts, these can pile up and all of a sudden you’ll feel as though you’re driving a dump. The easiest way to stop litter from experiencing the snowball effect, is to throw it away instantly. Carry around a small bin/bag so as soon as you have a piece of rubbish, you can chuck it there and then. Every time the bag fills up, simply empty it. That way, your litter situation will never get out of control.

2. Organise toys

Kids often bring toys into the car and forget them as soon as they get out. This can get out of control, fast. There is, however, an easy solution to this. Purchase a car organiser with pockets and slots that hangs off the back of the passenger seat. Besides neatly packing away the toys, car organisers can avoid any hazards that might occur by the toys rolling under your pedals.

3. Invest in seat covers

Seat covers are important to own, with or without kids. Children are constantly kicking and resting their feet on the seats which may cause permanent damage and become a huge eyesore. By covering your seats, you can protect the value of your car.

That said, we understand that certain cars have leather seats and you might not want to put a car seat cover on them. This is because you’ll end up defeating the whole purpose of having a luxurious feel. Luckily, there are covers that protect the back part of the seat, while still retaining that desirable deluxe-look.

4. Stock up on supplies

Keep napkins, wet wipes and some rags in your glove compartment or under your seats at all times, these will be lifesavers! If your children spill something or have a runny nose, you have an handy solution.

5. Hire a professional car detailing service

Invest in professional car detailing every now and then. It’s often tough to keep up with the daily commute whilst keeping your vehicle clean, especially with kids. Professional detailing by Portughes Car Cleaning and Detailing will give your vehicle some well-needed rejuvenation.

By implementing these simple solutions, your car chaos will quickly convert to a clean and enjoyable ride and you don’t have to be embarrassed when giving your friends a lift!

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