A Guide to Cleaning Leather Car Seats

Comfortable, luxurious and classy, leather car seats can make quite the statement in any vehicle. At the same time, cleaning and maintaining them properly is important to ensure a long life and to keep the interior of your vehicle looking smart and presentable. Having provided professional car cleaning and car detailing in Malta for many years, Portughes have compiled a number of useful tips to keep in mind when cleaning leather car seats.


Before cleaning, vacuum thoroughly

Remove any rubbish and use a good car vacuum to hoover up any dirt. Avoid damaging the leather by using an upholstery attachment on the nozzle. By vacuuming the seats, you will be getting rid of any particles on the surface that may interfere with the cleaning process.


Always test new products before using them

Before applying any newly bought materials, make sure to test them on a small side-area of the seat first to see whether any colour fading or staining occurs. As an aside, avoid using any products that use overly harsh additives, as these can cause great damage to leather.

We provide Autobrite Direct’s Leather Cleaner, which is both safe and powerful and cleans dirt and grime in an instant. It also leaves a lovely fragrance on your leather, and is capable of tackling the most stubborn of stains. To give your seats that final finishing touch and leave them looking and smelling brand new, use Autobrite’s Leather Conditioning Cream; this will moisturise the surface to prevent any cracking or drying out, as well as using waterproofing and stain agents for an intense and thorough cleansing process.

As a good alternative, leather wipes are widely available in various outlets, and some include both a cleaner and conditioner, removing the need to apply both separately and thus saving you a lot of time.

If you’re looking for professional and experienced car detailing and car cleaning in Malta, contact us today at Portughes. We’ll give your leather car seats all the attention and care they deserve!

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