A Useful Guide to Protecting Your Car From the Rain

A rainy day may seem like something quite trivial, and it’s certainly met by a refreshing welcome for trees, crops and grass. But, over the years, water eats away at the layers of the car’s paint and its overall finish, which are there to protect its body for years.

Mother Nature is a heartless villain particularly when the type of precipitation is acid rain. Keeping your car safe from rain might not seem like such a huge priority, but the tips and tricks our team at Portughes Car Detailing has listed below can potentially add years to your vehicle’s lifespan.

#1. Park under a roof

Simple as this one may be, it’s perhaps the most effective precautionary action. Of course, a little rain shouldn’t stop you from going out. But then again, a few minutes or even a couple of hours of driving is nothing compared to leaving your car out overnight during a downpour. To avoid this, park in a covered car park or garage when possible, even an extended roof can help.

#2. Drive safely

Sometimes the danger of heavy rain doesn’t come from the water falling out of the sky, but even floods can ruin a car, so be sure to keep track of weather warnings, avoiding certain routes where rainfall tends to accumulate and pay close attention to the road when it looks submerged. Depending on the vehicle, just a few inches of water can push your vehicle off the road, and flood waters are brown, meaning you may not be able to see to the bottom.

#3. Think Ahead

Bad weather can bring with it storms with high winds, powerful enough to blow dead branches off trees and throw debris halfway across a car park. And while parking under a tree is a good way to keep the sun off when the sky is clear, when the wind is blowing so hard that it’s hard to walk, you want to make sure your car is far away.

#4. Stay Aware

One more thing brought on by heavy rain is poor visibility. If you can’t see other cars as clearly as you’d like, you need to keep your eyes open and focused on the road. Make sure you turn on your headlights during storms so other cars can see you better. Remember, even though it’s the law, remember that not everyone on the road does it.

#5. Take care of the tyres

Your tyres are important however, they’re basically on a trial every time you’re out in the rain. Make sure that the tread is at the right depth and the inflation is a proper level to ensure better driving and protection.

Additional Tips

Don’t let rain water sit for too long

Dirt, dust, other minerals are left by the rain thus, the car would need a good wash regularly regardless of the rainy season. The bottom line is: that dirt needs to come off.

Seal off openings

Check the rubber linings regularly, make sure they’re repaired or replaced, unless you want little puddles in your car, of course!

Get a good wax job

Come rain or sun a good wax job will help protect the exterior.

Who doesn’t love their car? Freedom, ability to move from point A to B in a matter of minutes, you might also have given yours a name. So, if you want to take good care of your beloved car, follow the above tips. Better yet, book an appointment with Portughes Car Detailing, we’ll surely help you and your beloved car out!

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