Awesome Car Features We Wish Every Car Had

How many futuristic car films can we watch before pangs of jealousy start to kick in? As leading providers of car cleaning and car detailing in Malta, here are a few features we believe should not only be limited to certain cars!



1. 360-Degree Cameras

How great would it be if all cars were installed with 360-camera systems so that you can see what the devil you’re doing while you manoeuvre your car in tight situations and keep you from curbing your tires when you parallel park. Not to mention the fact that you’d need not worry about motorbikes (and vengeful exes) appearing out of nowhere.



2. Heated Steering

The cold, windy Maltese winter is here – the season where sprinting to your car for warmth becomes a daily occurence. Introducing the heated steering wheel to warm those frosty hands! Gloves are so two years ago, anyway.



3. Auto Cleaning

How great would it be if your car automatically cleaned itself after every journey, particularly during the rainy season? Hoovered carpets getting rid of all traces of that taco lurking in your carpet fibres, wheels that shake off sand and mud, windows that wipe themselves so nobody can leave any crude messages and drawings… you get the gist.



4. Integrated Dash Cams

Avoid the whole he said/she said with the wardens and insurance agencies and have everything recorded on film: every unused indicator, every unnecessary horn honk, every illegal reverse – there’d be proof of it on your integrated dashcam! With all these benefits, dash cams should be a factory-installed accessory, not an option or afterthought.



5. An Integrated Nanny System

No, that’s not the voice inside your head telling you to slow down, it’s the integrated nanny system we envisage making the world – or at least, roads – a better place. Not even bloody images of wrecked vehicles seem to put certain people off driving recklessly, but you know what would? – A nanny system. It would be automated to limit the car’s speed according to the street and local laws, block cell phone signals, require the seatbelt to be clicked in before the radio can be turned on, and would even monitor the sound system’s top volume.

For the moment, we can only dream.


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