Camping Indoors: Stay-At-Home Ideas This Valentine’s

Fed up of over-the-top displays of affection at overcrowded, overpriced restaurants? We’ve got you covered! For those of you planning on staying inside this year, here are some tips on how to make Valentine’s in the Great Indoors special, brought to you by Portughes – leading dry cleaning service in Malta.


Camp… indoors!

The weather outside might be frightful, but that’s no excuse to shy away from getting a little adventurous – if your definition of ‘adventurous’ is camping in the warmth, away from the elements and bugs. It’s as simple as setting up a camp-like area and snuggly den in the living room, placing tea candles around, and spending the night there! Of course, no camping trip is complete without stocking up on treats such as marshmallows which you could dig into at any time. Burn them into golden-brown, gooey goodness using the lit tea candles and let them melt in your mouth!


Netflix & you know the rest

There’s a reason this is a hashtag; there’s nothing quite like the simple pleasure of cuddling up with your partner (or pet) and watching a good movie – just make sure the process of choosing one isn’t the cause for a Valentine’s breakup!



And what’s a movie without something to munch on? Have your favourite cuisine delivered right to your door or take the opportunity to actually cook together! Why not opt to add a competitive edge and turn it into a cook-off or bake-off? Again, keep the knives away once the winner has been chosen.


Have a karaoke night

Relive your teenage years by belting your favourite classics. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but singing out loud brings a certain relief, and there’s something about singing together that connects people.


Quiz night… with a twist

Write a number of questions about yourselves, such as “What’s my favourite rock album?” and test each other. Give each other a point for every correct answer, and decide on a ‘penalty’ beforehand, for instance the one with the least points at the end needs to give a foot massage. Which leads us to…


Home Spa

Create a massage station with fresh, warm towels and essential oils, and perhaps a relaxing bubble bath for two.


Put it on paper

On small strips of paper, write qualities you like about your partner, your favourite memories together and things you are grateful for. Place them in a jar and pick and read them out together.


Remember, Valentine’s is the day of love, which doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to romantic love. So whether you’re single or not into scheduled romance, do a good deed or something charitable like sponsoring a child, helping out at a sanctuary, or baking muffins for someone lonely.


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