Car Cleaning Myths Debunked!

When it comes to car detailing there are few areas as blurry or confusing as the relatively simple act of cleaning your car. The mythbusters at Portughes have come up with a list to separate fact from fiction to clear up the most common car cleaning misconceptions.

Myth #1: Using dishwashing detergent is safe

Put the bottle down and step away from the Fairy. While it may be effective in clearing up dirt and muck, it greatly shortens the lifespan of your car’s paint as it speeds up the oxidation process by chipping away at the polymers and protective layers. The detergent will also dry out the wax coating and the skin on your hands. Stick to using specialised car-wash shampoos that will leave your vehicle with that clean sheen.

Myth #2: T-Shirts, nappies, paper towels and other household items can double as cleaning cloths

There’s a reason why we stress on using microfibre towels. Cloths made of paper or other materials do absorb water but also grind dirt into the paint, causing damages like scratches or dirt swirls. They cannot pick up dirt particles as easily as micro-fibre fabrics can.

Myth #3: Car leather can look after itself

Nope! It’s important that your car seats and other leather insides are properly maintained and taken care of. Prevent cracking and fading by using a good conditioner, and to keep everything from losing its elasticity and polished look.

Myth #4: There’s nothing wrong with letting my car air dry

Actually, air drying is the perfect way to get some nasty water spots which can be particularly annoying and difficult to remove. In the case of this happening, rub on some detailing clay or mineral deposit remover after washing thoroughly. To avoid the extra hassle, dry your car with a proper chamois or cleaning cloth.

Myth #5: Waxing once a year is enough

Wax doesn’t last that long – usually for only a few months. Harsh weather conditions like wind, rain and snow can greatly reduce its durability. For a longer-term solution, a coat of ceramic paint should be applied. Alternatively, consider investing in a high definition wax kit.

Here at Portughes we offer some of the top car cleaning and car detailing services in Malta, we specialise in leather conditioning, HD wax protection, the use of microfibres when drying and full interior and exterior detailing. So, if you’d like to ensure your car is well looked after and kept in tip-top shape by leaving it in our careful and experiences hands, contact us today to schedule your next cleaning!