4 Car Warning Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Just as human bodies are complex systems made of individual parts, so are cars and vehicles of all types. By attending to them straight away and fixing any failing parts, you’ll save yourself both time and money while avoiding any further problems down the road. When it comes to car detailing in Malta, Portughes are far and away one of the most experienced providers on the island; therefore, we’ve listed a few bad car symptoms that should never be ignored.


1. Scratched paint

Although many consider it to be a minor issue, scratched paint can actually turn out to be a serious problem if neglected for too long. Besides affecting the overall appearance of your car, paint scratches can easily expose the sheet metal to harsh elements like moisture, which can easily lead to rust and corrosion. A dab of clear nail polish or factory paint can be used as a quick touch up; however, seek professional advice in the case of deep, larger scratches.


2. Tyre bulges

Also known as sidewall bubbles, tyre bulges are often caused by impact damage when the car hits a sharp object or a piece of debris on the road. This in turn causes air to leak from the inside of the tyre into the carcass or body, which creates a visible weak point that can burst unexpectedly. Unfortunately, tyre bubbles cannot be repaired, so it’s of utmost importance that you use a spare tyre until a replacement can be found.


3. Flickering headlights

If you notice that your car’s headlights flicker as you drive over bumps, it’s likely that the headlamp mounts are loose or broken; you can confirm this by trying to move the mount with your hands. If they flicker while driving over smooth roads, then the source of the problem is usually a failing alternator or a poor wiring ground. If ignored, flickering headlights can cause wiring circuits to overheat and the battery to die; it’s highly recommended to consult professional car detailing to prevent further damage.


4. A Smoking Engine

This is never a good sign! Engines usually overheat because of fluctuation in the car’s fluid levels, particularly the coolant. If you notice your engine starting to smoke while driving, you should pull over and wait for it to cool. Top it off with either coolant or water, and then take it to a professional servicing establishment to get it checked over thoroughly.


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