Care For Your Car With Ceramic Coating

Do you want to prolong the life of your car and help maintain its showroom shine? Then ceramic coating might just be the answer you’re looking for. One of the newest innovations in the car detailing industry, ceramic coating (or nano coating) is used to protect the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Here at Portughes we offer top-class car detailing in Malta, and ceramic coating is just one of the services we provide. Read on to find out more about its benefits.


Ceramic coatings last longer

Harsh weather, bird droppings, hard water marks… ceramic coatings can stand up to a number of environmental elements, and are extremely resistant and durable over very long periods of time. This is because they fuse with the surface of the vehicle to create a strong chemical bonding.


You’ll have a cleaner car

The strong fusion between the vehicle and the ceramic coating provides a surface that remains smooth and even. This prevents oil, dirt and other debris from lodging within cracks or crevices; particles will also be unable to stick to the ceramic coating as it works at a molecular level. Because ceramic paint is transparent, it also creates a gleaming, shiny appearance, making your car look brand spanking new!


It offers UV protection

If you’ve been living on the island for some time, you’ll know that Maltese summers are no joke. A ceramic coating can protect the paint of your vehicle against colour oxidation, as it is strong enough to withstand the strong ultraviolet rays of the sun.


It’s hydrophobic

Ceramic coatings repel water – it slides off easily and beads on the surface. Moreover, mud, grime and other contaminants are also prevented from sticking to the paint of the vehicle, making them much easier to remove.


Portughes offers a professional car detailing and car cleaning in Malta

Our IGL ceramic coatings provide an ultimate gloss and shine for your car, as well as the ability to repel oil, water and dirt. Choose between IGL Kenzo, IGL Quartz +, IGL Quartz and IGL Poly, depending on your required length of durability and hardness rating.

If you want to give your car extra protection and shine this summer, contact us at Portughes – top provider of car detailing in Malta. We use some of the best products on the market when it comes to ceramic coatings.

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