• The Dry Cleaning Evolution – a brief History

    Does it surprise you to learn that dry cleaning traces its roots all the way back to 1821? And what if we told you that the modern process was discovered completely by accident? Below is the very brief yet interesting evolution the dry cleaning business went through over a span of 200 years! 1. The first person to get a […]
  • Clothes to Keep You Warm this Winter

    Let’s face it, Malta has been blessed with a benevolent Mediterranean climate, enjoying sunny days most of the year and a mild winter. However, don’t be too confident. Although far from those snowy, freezing, harsh winters typical on northern countries, sharp weather changes, high levels of humidity and chilly mornings and evenings can quickly catch you out in Malta.  So, […]
  • Taking Care of Your Sofa: 3 Tips to Keep Them Clean

    Christmas is around the corner and as a good host, you would prefer your living room to be clean and free of dust by your close friends and relatives. Check out these fast and easy ways to keep your couch looking as good as new:   •      But first … Before starting with the cleaning process take a moment or […]
  • Halloween: Some Of Our Favourite Costumes To Clean

    At Portughes dry cleaning, we get to see all sorts of different garments, from boring suits to outrageous party gowns, we’ve seen it and cleaned it all. But there’s rarely a more interesting period for us than that just before and after Halloween. Party shops and those who have their own costumes check them in to us for cleaning, giving […]
  • Quick Guide To Taking Care Of Your Carpets

    Finding the carpet or rug of your décor dreams can be quite a journey. When you’ve invested time and money in the perfect carpet for your room, you want to make sure it lasts a long time. That means taking good care of it on a regular basis; doing that is pretty straightforward, and doesn’t actually need to cost much […]
  • 3 Reasons Why Launderettes Are Needed

    The role of launderettes has certainly changed over the last few decades. For the generations that came before us, they were a true staple for every household. Today, they’ve evolved into something more; they’re a way of transforming an otherwise mundane activity into a social one, a potential money-saver for students, and a convenient service for any busy professional on […]
  • The Drape of Things to Come: How to Wash Curtains

    There are many reasons why curtains need to be cleaned regularly in order to be kept in tip-top condition – they tend to absorb smells from around the house such as cooking aromas or cigarette smoke very easily, for one, causing them to become discoloured or give off unpleasant odours. Curtains are also known to accumulate dust, dander and pet […]
  • How to Wash Clothes While Travelling: 3 Handy Tips

    Whether you are a luxury traveller or a backpacker, laundry remains an inescapable chore that needs to be done one way or another when you’re on the road. It’s understandable that you wouldn’t want to waste valuable vacation time washing clothes; however, doing regular laundry while travelling does have its advantages – it allows you to re-wear your favourite outfits […]
  • 5 Summer Fashion Trends to Follow in 2019

    Is your summer wardrobe looking painfully threadbare and out-of-date, thanks to years of hoarding the same outfits? (Don’t worry – we’ve all been there). Apart from the essentials such as the little white dress, bucket hats, sandals and of course, a trusty pair of flip-flops for sunny beach days, there’s plenty of summer fashion to look forward to this year. […]
  • Keep as Cool as a Cucumber with The Best Summer Fabrics

    You want to soak up as much of the summer as possible, but the stifling heat that often marks our summer months can make it unbearable, testing our patience to its limit. As a leading launderette in Malta, our team at Portughes shares some breathable materials we recommend wearing during the summer season. 1. Linen It’s not just a great […]