• Avoid These Home Laundry Mistakes

    You have probably been doing laundry for years now, right? We bet you have gotten accustomed to doing things in a certain way throughout all those years. Below we list some common mistakes you should avoid to ensure you are doing your laundry the right way.    It is not all about sorting lights and darks It is essential that […]
  • Resting Beach Face: 5 of the Most Beautiful Beaches in the World

    Although our sunny little Mediterranean island boasts plenty of beautiful beaches, sometimes it’s good to spread your wings and explore what other countries in the world have to offer. If you’re trying to plan your vacation by the sea but are at a loss as to where to go, the team at Portughes Dry Cleaning – top launderette in Malta […]
  • Awesome Car Features We Wish Every Car Had

    How many futuristic car films can we watch before pangs of jealousy start to kick in? As leading providers of car cleaning and car detailing in Malta, here are a few features we believe should not only be limited to certain cars!     1. 360-Degree Cameras How great would it be if all cars were installed with 360-camera systems […]
  • Driving in Circles: Maintenance for Formula 1 Cars

    Driving at extremely high speeds is something Formula 1 cars do better than any other. Although these vehicles were designed and engineered with speed and safety in mind, anyone who has ever watched the sport has witnessed the stringent checks and maintenance procedures involved, which should come as no surprise considering the wear and tear they experience. As a leading […]
  • 5 Laundry Apps You Need In Your Life

    Has all that washing got your head in a spin? Worry not – thanks to modern day technology, our daily chores just keep getting easier and easier. Nowadays, there seems to be an app for everything, even laundry! As the leading launderette in Malta, Portughes Dry Cleaning has compiled a brief list of the most useful laundry apps available.   […]
  • Care For Your Car With Ceramic Coating

    Do you want to prolong the life of your car and help maintain its showroom shine? Then ceramic coating might just be the answer you’re looking for. One of the newest innovations in the car detailing industry, ceramic coating (or nano coating) is used to protect the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Here at Portughes we offer top-class car […]
  • Quilty as Charged! Tips Caring for your Quilts

    With summer finally underway, most of us are busy putting away our heavy winter things for storage and exchanging them for swimsuits! As with our clothing, it’s important to preserve the quality of our bedding so that it remains in good condition until we need to bring them out again. Our team at Portughes have been providing professional dry cleaning […]
  • Don’t Let Your Tyres Get Tired This Summer

    Between frequent journeys to the beach and long road trips abroad, our cars tend to undergo far more stress during summer as opposed to other seasons. Hot and sunny weather can also cause the air pressure within the tyres to expand at a much faster rate, increasing the risk of tearing and bursting when bumping into sharp objects on the […]
  • Useful Tips for Headlight Restoration

    When it comes to maintaining the appearance of your car along with ensuring your own safety on the roads (and that of other drivers), keeping your headlights clean and in proper working condition is an important factor. No idea where to start? No problem – as experienced professionals of car detailing in Malta, our team at Portughes have listed a […]
  • How to Clean Your Wedding Dress

    It’s summer time and wedding season is upon us! To those of you who are tying the knot this year – congratulations! (And good luck). Your wedding dress is one of the most important clothing items you’ll ever invest in, and it’s something you’ll want to preserve for the years to come; whether you’re planning to pass it down to […]