Colour Me Silly: 3 Unique Ways Carnival is Celebrated Around the World

With brightly-coloured floats, festive food and plenty of dancing, carnival brings along a welcome break from the boring stretch of winter, giving children and enthusiasts something to look forward to. As leading providers of dry cleaning in Malta who also offer costume cleaning now that carnival is over, we take a look at 3 places where carnival is celebrated in truly unique ways.


Cadiz, Spain

Carnival may generally be associated with colour, childish fun and joy, but carnival in Cadiz carries a marked rebellious character. With its main characteristic being humour, through stinging sarcasm, mockery and parodies, groups of performers purge on the most pressing problems of the time on the street.
In stark contrast to the fancy Venetian masks, it is typical here to paint the face as a humble alternative. However, the whole thing actually starts about 20 days before the street celebration itself, where a competition – broadcast on local TV channels and followed by the whole of Andalusia – sees around 100 music groups compete for the chance to participate in the carnival.



No carnival list or blog would be anywhere close to complete without at least a mention of Brazil. Every year, the country grabs the attention of the world, with its over-the-top street parades and parties. Although the carnival in Rio is listed as the largest globally on the Guinness Book of World Records, with over 2 million people hitting the streets every day the festival is held, carnival is a huge thing throughout the country, especially in Salvador, Recife, Sao Paolo and Manaus.

Probably the most spectacular part of the Brazilian carnival is when the city’s top samba schools compete against their local rivals at the Sambodrome arena, where they’re judged on their music, dancing, costumes and elaborate floats, which generally cost millions. Thousands of visitors flock there from all over the world to watch the impressive parades, a plethora of colourful floats and thousands of dancers, many of whom are from local communities such as the favelas (slums).

Venice, Italy

Those seeking to celebrate in style in exchange for the expected carnival frolics must head to the city of bridges and canals. Being a city already as colourful and spectacular as Venice is, it is no wonder the Venetian carnival is regarded as one of the most uniquely beautiful carnivals both within and outside Europe. The most distinguishable part of this city’s carnival is the Venetian masks – characterised by their ornate designs and the use of complex decorations in the baroque style, they were worn in the past usually as a means of hiding the wearer’s identity, enabling them to carry out criminal activities or romantic encounters more freely.

And with masked regattas, iconic parades, catwalk contests at Piazza San Marco, a masked run and fancy dinner parties organised in the Galeria delle Meraviglie, there’s something going on at every street corner.


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