Common Car Cleaning Mistakes – and Why We Avoid Them at All Costs! – Part 2

The weather forecast was right… Hooray! And as promised, we’re providing you with the second segment of things to avoid when cleaning your car. From waxes to washes, today’s car detailing products have been engineered to ensure that your car is well-maintained and given the best possible TLC it deserves.

When it comes to tips for car detailing, knowing what not to do is extremely crucial. As experts in car cleaning in Malta, Portughes Car Detailing wanted to give you a second portion of things to avoid when cleaning your vehicle.

1. Treating stained upholstery areas only

When you’ve got a nasty, dirty stain on your vehicle’s carpet, it’s only natural to focus time and energy on that one spot. Yet, by cleaning the individual dirty spots alone, you could end up with a few very clean areas with the remainder suddenly looking dirty. It’s important to give attention to your entire interior instead of just particularly bad spots. Apply upholstery cleaner evenly to the entire area of your upholstery.

2. Treating all plastics the same

Newsflash: Not all plastics are the same, so don’t treat them as such. Moreover, using cheap products come at the painful price of fading plastics. We recommend using a penetrating protectant on soft plastics and dedicated plastic polish on harder surfaces like gauge cluster lenses. As for air vents and steering wheels, be sure to apply dressing specifically tailored for such plastics.

3. Overwaxing

Can you have overkill when waxing? Most certainly. The rule of thumb is to apply cautiously, remembering that even too much product can be damaging. Make sure to get an even coat all around the car, this can be seen against light. Once the coating is dried up, buff off and enjoy a nice-looking finish. The first coat serves as a foundation, whilst the following coats will cover any areas the initial round might have missed.

4. Using a chamois for drying

Use a microfiber towel instead, as they will dry the surface while pampering the finish. Chamois contain very little nap to absorb left-over particles on the surface. The smoothness of the chamois tend to grind these particles back into the surface and create swirl marks.

5. Wiping missed spots with the drying towel

If you spot a dirty patch after completing your washing stage, wash the area again. Trying to wipe it clean with a drying towel could embed dirty particles into your paint, which can result in scratching the surface.

6. Skipping the polishing stage

You’ve come this far, why not smooth out the surface of the paint and make it shine even brighter? Using an efficient microfiber cleaning cloth makes cleaning the inside of your vehicle equally easy.

7. Improper car towel cleaning

Whether you use microfiber towels or simple, soft cotton towels, be sure to clean them properly after use. Don’t use a fabric softener as it can leave chemicals in the towels which are damaging to your wax.

A gorgeous glow, an immaculate interior and the accompanying glory can be your cherished car’s description, if you can just avoid some common car detailing mistakes. Remember, the best ways to detail a car involves both patience and care.

All it takes is a couple of buckets of water, a premium quality car wash soap and the right technique of washing and voilà… your car will have that desired brand-spanking new look. With the volatile weather the season of spring comes with, car cleaning in Malta can be a bit of a headache. So, leave it to the experts at Portughes Car Detailing, and book your next car cleaning session with us!

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