Don’t Let Your Tyres Get Tired This Summer

Between frequent journeys to the beach and long road trips abroad, our cars tend to undergo far more stress during summer as opposed to other seasons. Hot and sunny weather can also cause the air pressure within the tyres to expand at a much faster rate, increasing the risk of tearing and bursting when bumping into sharp objects on the road. As leading experts on car detailing in Malta, Portughes Car Detailing shares a few tips on tyre-dressing your vehicle.


1. Check whether your tyres are clean

Dirt and grime can easily contaminate the surface of the rubber, as well as weaken the bonds created by the product used. Clean your tyres thoroughly – if you’re washing the rest of the car as well, use a separate set of cleaning items to prevent brake dust from scratching the paint on the other parts of the vehicle.
Before dressing the tyres, make sure that they are completely dry after washing – as with dirt, moisture can interfere with the product and greatly diminish its effect. Use a microfibre towel or cloth to wipe down the rubber, making sure to include any small crevices.


2. Choose your tyre dressing

Solvent-based products offer many benefits, including a brighter shine for your tyres, a longer-lasting effect and greater water resistance. Select products that minimise the risk of excessive tyre shine being slung on the car’s paint (also known as “sling”).


3. Love your tyres? Then spend some quality bonding time with them!

By this we mean allowing the product to dry over at least 10-15 minutes – leave it to soak and set in properly, thus ensuring a solid bond. It’s a good idea to dress your tyres after washing your car but before cleaning the interior – this will give the product enough time to be absorbed properly and leave a glossy sheen.

Don’t rush when applying the dressing – if it’s hastily or carelessly done, then it won’t last very long. Maximise its full effect by taking your time and making sure that the tyres are coated evenly.


4. All buff, no fluff

After the product has dried out, use a microfibre towel to buff the tyre coating off, using circular motions while doing so. This adds a lovely shine and gleam to their overall appearance, making your car look brand new!


Looking for an experienced and reliable company for car detailing in Malta? Short of time and don’t have the right materials at hand? Contact us at Portughes – we offer an efficient and professional service for car detailing and car cleaning in Malta. Tyre dressing is just one of the services we perform; we also stock a wide range of high quality products.

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