Don’t Sweat It: 5 Tips on Caring for Your Workout Clothes

It should come as no surprise that, with all the sweat and body odour that they’re subjected to, workout clothes are garments that require special care and attention. Apart from getting rid of unpleasant smells, washing your sportswear can also help to prevent infection caused by bacteria-riddled perspiration.  As the best launderette Malta has to offer, here are a few tips on looking after your working clothing, brought to you by the team at Portughes.


1. Pre-soak Your Clothes in Vinegar

To get rid of particularly foul odours, mix together some cold water with half a cup of white vinegar and leave your clothes to soak in the solution. This will help to break down sweat stains, free trapped bacteria, eliminate body soil and remove bad smells.


2. Dry Them Out After Each Use

Hanging up your clothes to dry will stop them from soaking up more sweat and prevent any strong odours from getting worse, as well as hinder further growth of bacteria and other harmful microbes.


3. Wash the Clothes Inside-Out

Besides helping to safeguard colours, washing garments inside-out will also give the material a deeper clean, especially since most of the bacteria and sweat accumulates on the insides of the clothing.


4. Don’t Use Extra Detergent

Avoid creating a magnet for sweat buildup and smelly fungi by not using too much detergent. An overload of soap or chemicals can make it difficult for your washing machine to wash the clothes in a thorough manner, and the excess amounts of detergents can even collect extra dirt which can stick to the microfibres of the clothing.


5. Stay Away From Fabric Softener

Although fabric softener is great for softening and protecting your favourite clothes, make sure it doesn’t come anywhere near your workout gear! It can break down the elastic fibres of most sportswear, reducing its elasticity and therefore its effectiveness. Fabric softener or conditioner can also trap sweat and bacteria in the clothing’s fibres by coating the surface of the garments, and therefore blocking the wicking power of the fabric (which is responsible for maintaining the comfort and performance of your clothes).


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