3 Funny Wedding Movies to Binge on Before the Wedding Peak Season Hits

From tears of elation to bridezillas and embarrassing speeches, with emotions running high, there’s a world of dramatic opportunity for the big screen. In a previous blog, we shared our top TV wedding-related programmes; however, if you can’t commit to a series, here’s our pick of our favourite wedding comedies to help you get into the wedding season mood, brought to you by leading launderette in Malta!


1. Wedding Crashers (2005)

Long-time friends Jeremy and John, a duo of womanisers, make crashing weddings their weekly routine during the height of the wedding season, taking advantage of the free drinks and romantic tinge in the air by trying to seduce bridesmaids. However, their amorous escapades get them in hot water, and when John falls for one of the bride’s sisters, they find themselves at odds with one another. A mix of raunchy and sweet, this comedy is bound to have you in fits!


2. Bridesmaids (2011)

Thirty-something Annie is hitting rock-bottom. Her bakery has failed, she’s in a dysfunctional relationship with self-absorbed Ted, and shares an apartment with two socially-inept tenants. The only ray of hope is that her best friend, Lillian, has announced that she’s getting married and has asked Annie to be her maid of honour. However, this soon turns into a competition between Annie and Helen, one of the bridesmaids, not only to organise the bridal festivities, but also over who is the bride’s best friend. This movie is a marriage of eclectic characters and plenty of hilarious scenes.


3. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Unmarried at thirty and still living with her parents, Toula Portokalos is the black sheep of the family. When she falls in love with Ian, she isn’t sure which will be more upsetting to her staunchly proud Greek immigrant parents; the fact that Ian is definitely not Greek or that he’s a vegetarian. Despite trying to convince their daughter to end the relationship by inviting various Greek bachelors home, Toula insists she loves Ian and accepts his marriage proposal. This comedy takes its viewers on a journey that humorously highlights the cultural difference between the two families through the way her well-meaning relatives pretty much take over the wedding plans.

Get ready to snuggle up with your spouse-to-be, or grab some bubbly and nibbles with your besties and get binge-watching!


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