Get Your Car Looking Brand Spanking New with Portughes Car Detailing

Is your car getting slightly worn out, inside and out? Whether it’s vacuuming interiors, thoroughly washing seats, dressing tyres, removing stubborn tar, or even correcting defected paint, everything is possible with Portughes!

While we offer regular exterior and interior cleaning options, our car detailing service takes it up a few notches and is sure to bring your car back to its former glory and get it looking good as new! Carried out by certified professionals, this service offers a highly-detailed interior and exterior clean and buffing processes that provide impeccable results – no matter how old and worn out your car is.

We offer several different detailing packages which range in price depending on how many services are included within the package selected. Before getting started, we would discuss the packages in depth with you, analyse the paint, and recommend whichever package is best suited for your vehicle.

Prior to a paint correction service, the paint is prepared and analysed, all panels are clay barred, and the surface is machine polished in either 1, 2 or 3 stages. The paint is then glazed, sealed, and waxed to give it a shiny new and complete finish.

In addition to the services included in the cleaning and detailing packages, we also offer additional services of headlining cleaning, engine bay cleaning, and headlight restoration.

We also import many of the top-quality AutoBrite Direct car care products that you can purchase for your own personal use, which will be available on display.

So if your car is in dire need of a sprucing up, Portughes is the place to go! Call us now on 21444444 or click here for more information about the packages and their respective prices.

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