Giving Your Car’s Wheels and Tyres the TLC They Deserve

We often forget about the wheels and tyres when it comes to car maintenance, focusing more on the outer body of the vehicle, leaving wheel and tyre maintenance as an afterthought, if that. However, regular cleaning and maintenance is as important for the wheels as it is for the car’s entire build.

Aluminium alloy wheels in particular, require more maintenance than others. Properly maintained alloy wheels will enhance the appearance and overall worth of your car. The good news is proper care of wheels doesn’t require that much hard work and periodic cleaning can preserve their shine. So, if you want to keep your car wheels looking like new, consider the following points…

Choose the correct method of car wash

Be wary of automatic car washes, since some use acid cleaners either before or during the wash to remove dirt and grime. Others use stiff and hard brushes for cleaning wheels and tyres. Both processes could potentially harm your wheel’s finish. Wheels with low profile tyres can be scratched by the metal tracks used in most car washes.

Big No nos

Never use abrasive cleansers, steel wool pads or polishing compounds and never allow your wheels and tyres to be steam cleaned, since this can dull the paint and clearcoat finish on your wheels. Don’t clean hot wheels, wait until they cool. Cleaning wheels while they’re hot may cause your mild soap solution to dry too quickly leaving spots or a film of soap on your wheels.

Waxing and polishing

While some wheels need polish, others require wax. The type of wax or polish used greatly depends on the wheel’s finish. For instance, if the wheel has a chrome finish, you’d need to use a chrome polish, and if the aluminium wheels are polished, aluminium polish is your safest bet.

In contrast, for painted or coated wheels, you’d need a good quality automotive wax to protect the finish. Apply the wax or polish using a clean rag and buff till it becomes shiny. Polishing isn’t necessary for anodised wheels. In that case, applying a thin coat of petroleum jelly should do.

Nice and shiny aluminium wheels can significantly enhance the appearance of your car, while adding to its overall performance.

Keep in mind that adding a polish can increase gloss and get rid of surface scratches. If you have bare metal, start by putting a pea-sized dollop of polish on a foam pad. Spread the polish in a thin layer with light pressure. Polish until the layer turns milky, then remove it with a clean microfiber cloth. Remember to always choose a sealant that’s designed for your specific wheels.

Ultimately, you need to protect your wheels and keep them looking newer for longer and in pristine condition. After all, you can’t drive your car without wheels that are in good, working order! So, the next time you’re thinking of giving your wheels and tyres some well-deserved TLC, be sure to contact Portughes Car Detailing – we’ll get the job done right!

We hope that these past couple of blogs have provided you with helpful tips. Contact us today to book an appointment and get it your wheels and tyres the squeaky clean! For more information about our cleaning and detailing packages, call us on 7944 4460.

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