How to Clean Your Engine Bay: 5 Useful Tips

Most of us remember to wash our car on a regular basis – but often do we make it a point to clean the engine bay? Unlike the exterior of the car, it’s hidden from view, meaning it’s easy to keep postponing this particular chore until later (or never!). However, allowing dirt and grime to accumulate on the engine bay can cause premature wear and tear on bays and pulleys. A clean engine bay will cool down more efficiently, keep your vehicle’s value high and will prevent particles from being sucked into your filter. Here are a few tips on cleaning your engine bay properly, brought to you by Portughes, a top provider of car detailing in Malta.


1. Make sure the engine has cooled down enough

Park the car in a shady area, and ensure that the engine isn’t too warm or still running. If not already waterproofed or protect, you should cover any sensitive components such as the coil pack or fuse panel with old rags, plastic baggies or even aluminium foil.


2. Apply your degreaser

Regular car soap is not powerful enough – you will need to use a degreaser to dissolve thick deposits of oil, grease and grime. To prevent the product from dripping on you as you clean the undersides, begin cleaning from the lower parts and work your way up. You can use a wash brush with soft bristles to clean very dirty areas thoroughly; otherwise, simply allow the degreaser to sit for a few minutes for a complete penetration.


3. Rinse and power wash

Hose down the entire engine compartment, taking care to use a low pressure setting. Using a proper automotive car wash soap, finish cleaning the engine bay with a wash mitt and rinse everything off afterwards, again using low pressure water. Use a towel to wipe down all the accessible parts.


4. The finishing touches

Remove any plastic bags and other coverings, and apply a coat of engine protectant. Use a metal polish to brighten up any metal bits and give them an extra shine, along with a dedicated plastic cleaner to take care of any plastics and restore the finest of scratches. Clean off any excess product with a clean microfibre or terry cloth towel.


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