How Often Should You Dry Clean Your Clothing?

As Malta’s leading dry cleaners, we get a lot of people asking us different questions regarding the care of their clothing and fabric items. We’re happy to pass along our information, especially in the name of keeping clothing clean.

The main question we get is how often clothing should be dry cleaned. Every garment is different. Some items might benefit from cleaning after every wearing, while others should only be cleaned when they have visible stains. So, let’s talk about some common items!


It’s unnecessary to dry clean a suit every time you wear it. Jackets, trousers and skirts only require professional cleaning every four to five wears, or when you notice a stain. When you send a suit to the cleaners, send all the pieces together so they fade at the same rate.

Seasonal Items

Anything you typically wear in a single season, like a coat, should be cleaned after the season is over before you pack them up. Items like sweaters should be cleaned after a few wearings, unless something has been spilt on it (in which case it should be cleaned immediately), but should still have a final dry cleaning at the end of the season.

Silk or Light Colours

If your garment is silk or is light in colour and you notice a stain, schedule dry cleaning instantly. Time is of the essence! Resist home fixes as these methods are harsh and can damage the fabric. Silk or light coloured items often need to be cleaned after every wear because perspiration can stain these items easily.

Formal Dresses

A formal dress should be dry cleaned after each wear. Formal events often result in wine, perspiration, or sugar stains on your clothing and if left untreated, the stains could become difficult or impossible to remove. If we’re talking about wedding gowns, you’ll want to get yours dry cleaned and correctly stored as soon as possible, to keep the dress looking perfect.

Generally speaking, the rule is that unless you have a spill, most clothing items should be dry cleaned after a few wearings, with some exceptions.

If you think that you’ll forget, the best thing you can do is schedule for us to come and pick up your dry cleaning. At Portughes Dry Cleaning, you don’t need to hassle about finding time to drop off your clothes. Simply call 2144 4444 and you can schedule a pick-up day and time.

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