How Often Should You Wash Your Clothes? Part 1

When it comes to taking care of our clothes, we’re sure you’ve asked the question: Am I washing my clothes too often, or not enough? There are many reasons when we opt for either option. Whether we get busy and run out of time to set a load in the washing machine, or we sponge off visible stains and put our favourite jeans back on again, we find random articles of clothing around the house and just assume they need a wash…

It turns out, there’s actually a science behind how many times an article of clothing can be worn before it should be laundered. Luckily, Portughes Dry Cleaning has come to the recue to divulge the information so you aren’t left hanging (pun somewhat unintended!).

Obviously, we need to preface this blog by providing the following disclaimer: if you spill coffee/sauce/gravy/beetroot juice on your clothing, all bets are off, so washing the items right away becomes a must! As for all other instances of regular wear, the below guidelines apply:

1. Wash after each wear

We don’t think we need to go into much detail here. Sweat and bodily fluids mean that some items are one trick ponies that definitely need to be laundered after each wear. These include underwear, socks, stockings, exercise clothes and swimwear. Anything made of silk should also be washed after each use.

2. Wash after one or two wears

This really depends on whether you’ve been a bit sweaty or got a little grubby when you wore it. It also depends on how much you tend to perspire. But generally, you should wash business shirts, t-shirts, dresses and leggings after one to two wears. Think about it – these items are quite close to your body and are generally made of less durable material than say, a coat.

3. Wash after three or four wears

When it comes to shorts, trousers and skirts, you can also work on the three to four wear rule. As usual, sweat and stains will tell you whether this needs to go in the laundry basket sooner than that, but it’s a guide for a reason. Wearing the same trousers-suit to work on a daily basis could lead to a bit of a whiff come Friday, so it’s a good idea to rotate through different outfits over the week. What’s more, varying your outfit makes you look even fresher and more stylish.

4. Wash after five to six wears

Keep an eye on things like scarves, beanies and gloves in the winter time and remember to give them a quick wash after they’ve had a few trips out of the house. After all, when things are exposed to air, they’re automatically exposed to bacteria – no matter how fresh and clean the air feels. It’s so easy to forget how soiled they can get.
Jeans, jumpers and jackets also fall into this category, though some people go even longer – but we feel it’s our responsibility to advise otherwise, since we tend to take cleanliness and hygiene rather seriously.

And what about dry cleaning? Well, needless to say that’s something you needn’t really worry about, because we can help you sort all your dry cleaning needs. So whether it’s a garment which requires extra care or one which needs to be thoroughly clean to get rid of a stubborn stain, be sure to contact Portughes Dry Cleaning. We’ll gladly handle your laundry with the care it deserves.

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