How to Clean Your Wedding Dress

It’s summer time and wedding season is upon us! To those of you who are tying the knot this year – congratulations! (And good luck). Your wedding dress is one of the most important clothing items you’ll ever invest in, and it’s something you’ll want to preserve for the years to come; whether you’re planning to pass it down to your daughter or simply keep it as a sentimental memento. Portughes Dry Cleaning has a few tips for all you brides-to-be on how to keep your bridal gown as fresh as the day you wore it.


Give it a Good Inspection

Make sure that you look over the hemline carefully – it’s the part of the dress that’s the most exposed to dirt, as it will brush over floors and different surfaces throughout the ceremony and afterwards. Inspect each layer of the dress carefully to check for any stains or marks.


Remove Any Stains

Lipstick marks? Simple – just dab on a little vodka and it will be fine.
Red wine? Mix a solution of water, white vinegar and washing up liquid and use a sponge to dab the stain gently.
Oils? All you need is a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and dish soap. Place an absorbent cloth under the material and use a clean rag to pat it down gently.


Handwashing the Dress

In general, this method is preferable to using a washing machine. Before starting, always check the label to see whether the dress can actually be handwashed and how. Certain fabrics are very delicate and are subject to shrinkage or deformation if cleaned the wrong way. Any decorative attachments which cannot be handwashed should also be removed beforehand. To dry, spread it out and leave it to lie flat – do not twist or squeeze it as may drastically alter the shape of the dress. Avoid leaving it in strong sunshine as this may dull the outer sheen of the fabric.


Washing it in the Machine

If you have no other options and need to use this method, make sure that every setting is under control. Inputting the wrong methods (don’t use the fully automatic setting) or temperatures can result in colour fading or damage to the dress if any accessories scratch the material when spinning in the machine. It’s better to remove said embellishments from before. Turn the dress inside out and use a slower wash speed. Don’t use a tumbledryer – leave it to air dry instead.


For such a valuable and complicated piece of clothing, you’ll want the most professional service for dry cleaning in Malta. Leave it in the capable hands of Portughes – we’ll return it in pristine condition, spotless and clean as the first day you fell in love with it. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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