How to Get Rid of the Clothes You Don’t Need – Part II

Parting with things we’re attached to can be very difficult for some people, resulting in holding on to them for an unnecessary amount of time. When it comes to clothes; everyone has their favourite items or outfits that they find hard to let go of – even if they haven’t worn them in years. Needless to say, this takes up a large amount of space in your wardrobe, and while you may be staring at a seemingly infinite amount of clothes, you still have “nothing to wear”.

Portughes is here to help solve this mystery which boils down to getting rid of clothes you don’t actually need. In part 1, we mentioned getting rid of anything badly stained, permanently smelly, or irreparably damaged. Here are a few more tips on how to choose which clothes to say goodbye to:

Anything that doesn’t fit
Whether you’ve lost/gained weight or your clothes have shrunk/expanded, if they don’t fit right now, then you don’t need them. If they’re still in good condition, you could opt to give them away rather than simply binning them, but there’s no use in holding onto them for any longer.

You don’t feel right wearing it
Sometimes there are certain clothes that we really love, but the second we put them on, we just don’t feel right and change outfit again. This could be a one-off,but if you notice it happening more than once with a particular item, then it’s time to part with it.

You wouldn’t buy it now
Whether it’s something you bought last year or 5 years ago, your opinion about it might have changed slightly without you realising. Take a look at all your clothes and ask yourself whether or not you would pick them off a rack at a shop to try them on now. The key here is to be honest with yourself, and if you realise that you wouldn’t buy something now, simply give it to someone who would.

If you’ve got some clothes that you’d like to give away rather than throw out, be sure to get them in the best condition possible – if they’re covered in lint, have a bit of a smell, or have loose threads and buttons, bring them over to Portughes Dry Cleaning and we’ll have them looking good as new in no time. Call us on 2144 4444 or 9999 4444 for more information.

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