How to Protect Your Car from the Summer Heat

As much as we love summer, there’s no denying that the sun can cause damage to certain things such as your skin, your clothes, and of course, your car. Especially if you don’t own a garage, it’s important to do whatever you can to protect your car from the summer heat – not just to keep it looking good, but also to keep it functioning properly and safely for as long as possible.

Ruined paint, faded upholstery, lowered tyre pressure, and damaged airbags are some of the effects that exposure to sun can cause, so to prevent such damages as much as possible, here are some ways to protect your car from the summer heat:

Park your car inside
As much as possible, try to park your car in garages, indoor parking areas, or at least in the shade to protect your car from extreme temperatures and harsh sunrays. If you’re out and about and your parking options are between parking outside for free or paying a few euros to park under a roof, we recommend that you pay those few extra euros – it will be worth it in the long run.

Clean your car regularly
The combination of dust and heat is very destructive, but by cleaning your car regularly – inside and out – you will help to prevent damage as much as possible. Wash your car frequently with appropriate cleaning products like Autobrite products (which you can find for sale at Portughes), and dry it thoroughly by hand to avoid lingering grime. It’s always best to wash your car when the exterior isn’t hot, so don’t wash it after a long drive or in the afternoon when the sun is scorching hot.

Inflate your tyres well
The extreme heat on the roads can increase chances of getting a puncture – and the state of most of our roads in Malta doesn’t help either. If your tyres aren’t properly inflated, they are much more susceptible to punctures and damage, so keep your eye on them and ensure that they are inflated according to the pressure specified for your car.

Protect your interior
It’s not only the exterior of your car that can get damaged by the sun, but also the interiors including the steering wheel, the dashboard, and the upholstery. To prevent such damage as much as possible, always use sunshades or some sort of protective cover for your interiors when parked in the sun to reduce the impact of the heat coming in.

Give your car the treatment it deserves
Giving your car a quick wash now and then doesn’t take much, but in the hectic life we lead, taking the time to thoroughly clean our car inside-out can seem extra. This is why Portughes offers great deals on car detailing services that include a full valet, paint correction, tyre dressing, and much more!

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