How to Remove Pet Hair from your Car: Tips from the Portughes Team

As much as we love our little furbabies, we have to admit that they are not best when cleaning up after themselves. Many of us frequently transport our pets in our cars, either to take them to the vet or simply to enjoy a day out to give them a bit of exercise. Pet fur gets everywhere – it travels from car seats to our clothes, and even ends up on carpeting. Fear not – Portughes has listed a number of ways as to how to defur your vehicle.


Use a Rubber Glove

For this technique, rubber gloves with nubs on the palm side or made out of latex are the best options. After wearing it, wet the fingers and rub the affected surface areas of the car. A dry glove works too, however moisture helps to clump bunches of hair together by adding weight to it, making it easier to remove. A washcloth or a sponge are also good alternatives to the glove should you not have one at hand.


Create a Sticky Collecting Tool with Duct Tape

Get some reliable and sturdy packaging tape and wrap it around your hand in a criss cross fashion, creating a sort of adhesive pad around your palm and fingers. The sticky side should be facing outwards, so when you pat down the insides of your car the hair will stick to the tape.


The Squeegee Method

This ever useful and handy little cleaning tool just got better. A Squeegee is great for cleaning out pet hair. Use it to clean car upholstery by rubbing it against flooring and seats, allowing the rubber blade to pick up any loose hair strands.


Bring in a Balloon

Stay with us! We’re serious – a balloon is great at getting rid of fur. When blown up, its ability to create static electricity attracts pet hair which sticks to its surface. Wipe it clean and re-use. Just be careful not to burst it accidentally!


Prevent Pet Hair

To stop pet fur from creating a mess in the first place, remove any loose hairs from the animal’s coat by giving it a good brushing and prevent it from shedding. Alternatively, protect your car seats and surfaces by covering them with a blanket or towel.


If you are short of time or run into any difficulties when cleaning your car, get in touch with Portughes Dry Cleaning. We are one of the best when it comes to car cleaning in Malta and we’ll ensure that your vehicle is returned in the most spotless of conditions. Contact us today and schedule your next cleaning!