How To Wash Soft Toys: Tips from Portughes Dry Cleaning

From dusty shelves to a just a little too much love from their owners, there are many reasons why you should wash stuffed animals and soft toys. Germs that accumulate on the fabric over a period of time can easily irritate allergies and asthma attacks, and given that small children love to carry around their favourite plushies wherever they go, it’s all too easy for parasites to attack. Here are a few tips on how to wash and care for soft toys, brought to you by Portughes, top provider of dry cleaning in Malta.


Check the care labels

Most stuffed toys come with a set of washing instructions which confirm whether or not they can be washed in a washing machine. To check it thoroughly, squeeze it from different angles to see if there are any stiffeners or hard plastics inside. Generally, toys which have glued on items such as sequins cannot withstand machine washes, as well as those which are especially old and fragile.


Choose the right detergent

Avoid chemicals that are harsh, and go for non-bio detergents that are kinder to children’s skin. Rinse any detergent residue off if you’re washing the toys by hand.


Use mesh laundry bags

These will protect the toys from snagging in the drum during the washing cycle in the machine. Alternatively, empty pillow cases secured with safety pins may also be used. Set to a delicate or gentle cycle, as a stronger setting may damage the material of the stuffed toy irreparably. After washing, remove the toy from the bag and hang up to dry.


How to hand wash soft toys

Fill a sink or small basin with cold water, and submerge the toy inside, leaving it to soak. Squeeze thoroughly to make sure that any embedded dirt seeps out – wait until the water that emerges from the toy is clear. Scrub using a mild detergent, or even liquid dish soap; you can even use a toothbrush for smaller or more delicate areas. Remove any excess soap by squeezing the toy under the water once more, and again, wait until the water that comes out of the toy is clear. Rinse off any remaining soapy suds and hang up to dry.


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