How to Wash Your Bedding – Part 2

Previously, we explored how important it is to wash your bed sheets frequently. In this segment, we’ll be discussing the main process of actually washing your bedding – to ensure it’s done in a proper and effective manner.

Bleach or pre-treat?

Pre-treating stains is a good way to make sure small stains are removed. However, when it comes to larger stains or to whiten soiled sheets, a chlorine or colour-safe bleach works best.

Is there a proper way to add detergent to the washing machine?

If your machine has a detergent dispenser, follow the machine manufacturer’s recommendation, washing machine depending on the detergent’s instructions. Some dispensers may only work with liquid detergent. Alternatively, you may need to adjust or remove the dispenser when using powder detergent. As for machines without dispensers, add the detergent to the wash drum before adding your load.

If you’re using detergent pods…

Follow the manufacturers’ recommendations for both the washing machine and detergent. Keep in mind that there might not be sufficient water flow in the dispenser to fully dissolve the pod. In this case, you should place it in the drum before adding the sheets.


Once the cycle has finished, hang your bedding up to air-dry. And if your sheets are white, a little sunshine will help to keep them bright. Drying sheets outdoors gives them a nice, fresh scent – plus it’s energy-saving! That said, line dried sheets tend to have a rougher feel. To soften the fabric a bit after line drying, it’s good to toss the sheets into the tumble dryer for just a few minutes. But remember to use a cool setting.

For rainy days, it’s important to follow the tumble dryer temperature suggested on the care label. High drying temperatures cause wrinkling, shrinking and over-drying, which weakens fibres. We recommend drying on the “less dry” or “damp alert” setting to prevent these problems. It also gives you a chance to check whether the sheets need to be untangled and chucked back in.

To keep sheets drying evenly, toss in wool or rubber dryer balls. Alternatively, you can even use a couple of tennis balls tied in a cotton sock!

Weekend mornings are best spent lazing around in bed, and there’s no better feeling than waking up and remembering it’s the weekend. From pancakes and croissants to fried eggs and full-on fry-ups, we’ll all have enjoyed breakfast in bed at some point in our lives, but it’s not just food stains that can prompt us to ask: Is it time to wash the sheets again?

From water temperature to drying time, there’s definitely a right and wrong way to do the job. Following these above tips not only guarantees your sheets will be cleaner, they’ll even last longer, too! But if washing the family’s sheets seems a heck of an arduous task, leave it up to our team at Portughes Dry Cleaning. We’re more than happy to do the job! For more information click here or call us today!

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