Keep as Cool as a Cucumber with The Best Summer Fabrics

You want to soak up as much of the summer as possible, but the stifling heat that often marks our summer months can make it unbearable, testing our patience to its limit. As a leading launderette in Malta, our team at Portughes shares some breathable materials we recommend wearing during the summer season.

1. Linen

It’s not just a great option for bedding in summer – linen is one of the best fabrics to stock up in your wardrobe – whether from simple linen shorts to lightweight jackets for the slightly cooler evenings. Characterised by its distinct texture, this light and loosely woven material allows heat to escape the body, preventing overheating. The downside to this fabric is that it wrinkles easily.

2. Cotton

Soft, lightweight and breathable, cotton is one of the best fabrics for hot weather and can be worn for both daytime and evening looks. It is a natural fibre which allows air to move freely through the fabric. However, since it absorbs moisture, it can become wet and heavy in case of profuse sweating and sweat patches will be formed.

3. Chambray

This plain weave fabric is a great option for those who love denim but want something more significantly lighter and more breathable. It has a slightly mottled texture.

4. Jersey

Jersey, a single knit fabric, is great all year round. As a summer option, it is perfect for breezy dresses due to its elasticity and the fact that it drapes well. Moreover, being quick drying, it is ideal for poolside activities.

There’s nothing worse than that sticky, sweaty feeling during the scorching hot months! So when re-evaluating your wardrobe, remember: there’s more to consider than the colours trending this season! Pick breathable fabrics that absorb moisture and avoid nylon, polyester and fleece during the hot summer months.

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