Know the Ropes: How to Clean Boat Upholstery

Every boat owner knows that cleaning, maintaining and protecting your boat during winter is one of the most important duties of the season. Apart from taking care of all the usual procedures (flushing the engine with clean water, storing the battery away safely and so on), cleaning any cushions, fabric and covers is also vital in order to ensure a hygienic environment on board. As leaders of upholstery cleaning in Malta, the team at Portughes has gathered a few tips below on how to clean any materials on your boat properly.


Vinyl Upholstery

Designed to withstand harsh marine conditions, maintaining and caring for vinyl goods is a crucial part of proper boat care. Keeping vinyl clean and out of bright sunlight, along with giving it a regular rinse or wash, can prolong its appearance and performance. Otherwise, the material can become damaged and faded, with marks or stains becoming difficult to remove.


Tips for Cleaning Vinyl and Marine Upholstery

Remove any mould or mildew that may have grown on the surface of the material; unwanted growth may occur even while the boat is covered. Water that has accumulated over time (obviously due to the vessel’s marine use) can also be a factor. Mix together half a cup of hydrogen peroxide and one and a half cups of water, and make sure to wear latex gloves for protection before applying the solution. Using a soft cloth or sponge, wipe down the surface of the material in circular motions.


Next, mix half a gallon of water in a bucket with ¼ of mild soap or dishwashing liquid. Repeat the same process described above, taking care not to pool water into the seams. Grime and dirt that has stuck to the vinyl should be left to soak in the solution for a while until it becomes easier to wipe off. Afterwards, use a clean rag to wipe everything down again. Apply vinyl protectant to protect the material from sun damage (drying or cracking).


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