3 On-Screen Scenes Set Inside Launderettes

There must be something in the air inside laundromats, as film and TV series directors keep setting scenes there. Our team at Portughes Dry Cleaning – the leading launderette in Malta – shares a few of our favourite moments on screen that take place inside launderettes.


1. Big Bang Theory

Many scenes in the popular comedic series take place in the laundry room, situated in the basement of the apartment building where Leonard, Sheldon and Penny live. Usually, the characters run into each other and have random conversations that advance the plot while they sort out their clothes, and more often than not, the conversation revolves around Sheldon trying to convince Penny about something. In one episode, for instance, he shows her a PowerPoint presentation with reasons why he should go to Switzerland with Leonard instead of her.


2. Fight Club

The unique film offers a plot like nothing you’ve ever seen, full of dramatic surprises and twists. The film’s pivotal laundry scene takes place when Narrator (Edward Norton), a single 30-year old insomniac, spots love interest Marla (Helena Bonham Carter) – who turns out to be the object of desire and destruction in his life – in a laundromat. The Narrator, who becomes a support group junkie, realises Marla is also a faker who’s crashing the support group meetings, and confronts her about it. This dissolves into a screaming match inside the laundromat, which, although is a scene that plays out like a break up, is really the beginning of their dysfunctional love story.


3. Friends

One of the many central moments of the infamous Ross and Rachel saga takes place in season 1 episode 5, when, eager to spend time with Rachel, Ross pretends his washroom is rat-infested so he could join her at the laundromat. He teaches the laundry virgin Rachel how to do laundry. Their chemistry heats up and of course, they end up sharing their first kiss.


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