Driving in Circles: Maintenance for Formula 1 Cars

Driving at extremely high speeds is something Formula 1 cars do better than any other. Although these vehicles were designed and engineered with speed and safety in mind, anyone who has ever watched the sport has witnessed the stringent checks and maintenance procedures involved, which should come as no surprise considering the wear and tear they experience.

As a leading provider in car detailing in Malta, our team at Portughes shares some ways F1 crews ensure their cars have a tiny margin for damage despite gruelling laps around the race circuit.


Engine Inspection

Before every race, F1 crews thoroughly check the car engines to deal with any issues there might be and ensure everything is in top working order. Early detection and immediate repairs are crucial in preventing further damage on the track. One of the things that must be checked is the oil, which acts as a lubricant and fights against friction and heat – two elements that can destroy the engine.


Proper Tyre Care

It doesn’t take an expert to appreciate the extreme conditions race car tyres are put under, and the extensive damage this can cause. Before the race and at pit stops, the F1 car wheels are carefully checked to guarantee that they have the right amount of pressure to last each lap(s). This maintenance procedure is important for regular cars too as it’s an effective measure to increase your wheels’ durability. Tyres need to be replaced for a number of reasons, including punctures, cuts, and underinflation. Pressure washes, tyre dressing and wheel removal are among the wheel/tyre services we offer at Portughes Car Detailing.



When people think of a car’s performance, the first thing that typically comes to mind is its horsepower, torque and zer-to-60 acceleration. However, all this fancy stuff is useless if the driver can’t control the vehicle! The suspension – a system of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connects a vehicle to its wheels – harnesses various crucial parts of driving: the power of the engine, the grip of the tyres and the handling of the vehicle. Which is why the car suspension is another crucial factors F1 pit stop crews focus on. If you notice anything amiss with the handling and stability of your car, be sure to have this checked.



Since the banning of anti-skid braking systems in the ‘90s, braking is one of the strictest tests of a Formula 1 driver’s skill – an area in which he can make or lose a significant amount of time. With multiple laps, F1 cars’ brake pads get worn out easily, and considering the speeds they drive at, immediate braking is crucial. For this reason, F1 crews regularly change brake pads on each pit stop. Much like these high-speed vehicles, regular car brake pads wear out over time, which if remain unattended to, can cause serious accidents.


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Although normal vehicles don’t go through the same strain or wear and tear as race cars do, we can learn a lot about how they keep their vehicles in excellent condition. From tyre dressings to engine bay cleaning, we at Portughes offer the best and most thorough car detailing in Malta to keep your car’s interior and exterior looking and functioning at their best.