Plan the Perfect Halloween Party This October

One of our favourite days is around the corner, lurking. As providers of top-notch dry cleaning in Malta, our team at Portughes Dry Cleaning shares a few ideas on creating a Halloween Party to remember.


1. Theme

Nothing makes a party like a strong theme to create the perfect ambiance and get people in the spirit. Offering something different to the norm, and a chance to get into a character that’s totally not them gets guests feeling excited to attend.

Moreover, the theme itself sets the mood for the party and guides you through the different aspects of organising a party, such as the venue, colour scheme, decorative items, food and music, which should all tie in to the chosen theme. And there are endless themes to choose from; haunted, skeletal, fairy tale, Alice in Wonderland, or just a general costume theme.


2. Music

When it comes to music for a Halloween party, you can go for industrial music or go for a dead-rockers-of-the-past theme. Alternatively, take advantage of technology and play sound effects (you’ll find plenty online) from your laptop to create ambiance!


3. Decorations

Decorations are key to setting the mood and creating the appropriate atmosphere for your theme. Doing it right will get the desired emotional reaction from your guests. Dim the lights, place candles, cobwebs, hanging spiders and bats for a spooky feel, or opt for something more colourful if the theme is fairy tales or Alice in Wonderland.


4. Food

If you don’t have the time or patience to do it all yourself, there are plenty of catering companies that provide a creative selection of party food – themed or not. From chocolate eyeballs to creepy fingers and bloody cupcakes, the options are endless. Remember to offer both savoury – such as tacos and salsa, guacamole… – and sweet snacks!


5. Drink

What’s a Halloween party without a cauldron of punch for the adults! A noon-alcoholic version can be made for kids, using fruit juices and chopped floating fruit. Add an extra touch by putting a glow-in-the-dark LED light at the bottom of the bowl. Another simple but great idea is to coat the edge of the drinking glasses with corn syrup dyed red with food colouring and place a worm-shaped gummy candy over the edge of the glass.


6. Activities

For a children’s party, you could play games, competitions, or even watch a cartoon movie such as “Hotel Transylvania”. Children will also love pumpkin carving (with the help and supervision of adults), or a treasure hunt where they can find hidden treats around the house or garden.
Adults can play drinking games, watch a movie or try out murder mystery: This will take preparation in advance but can be extremely exciting, especially if your guests get into their roles.


7. Costumes

Make it hilarious or downright freaky – and perhaps offer a prize to the person who put the most effort into their costume!


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