Preventing Scratches When Washing Black Cars

Tips from Portughes Car Detailing Malta

Portughes Car Detailing – provider of professional car cleaning in Malta – admit that maintaining a black car’s exterior can be challenging. However, despite their reputation, black cars don’t scratch more easily than any other colour. Truth is, white scratches in the clear coat contrast more with the black paint, making the blemish more noticeable.

Yet the fine, cobweb-like scratches and swirls you see on a black-painted car are typically inflicted by careless car-washing techniques. The good news is they’re preventable!

The experts at Portughes Car Detailing have gathered tips on how to keep your paint colour free of scratches and swirls and keep that lustre looking as good as new.

1. Remove dirt before scrubbing

If there’s dirt, then scrubbing it means you’re grinding it into the paint, and when it comes to black cars, every scratch will show. Therefore, we strongly advise removing as much dirt as possible with a water hose before scrubbing the car.

2. Two-bucket wash method

Using just one bucket means that all removed dirt is dumped into the wash bucket and is then picked up again, which is the major cause the many scratches. Thus, having two buckets – one with plain water and the other with a cleaning solution – will prevent the contaminants from going right back onto the paint.

3. Avoid using dishwashing detergent

Our experts at Portughes Car Detailing warn against using dishwasher detergent when cleaning cars as it’s a degreaser which strips sealant protection such as wax away. Rather, using a car-wash solution will retain the paint’s lubricity, this minimises friction and the risk of scratching.

4. Use soft, high-quality drying materials

Minimising the harshness of anything that touches the paint during the drying process is key, considering even the lightest hairline scratch appears on a black exterior. For a black car, you ought to use the softest, high quality materials you can find that’s gentle on the paint. A high-quality, scratch-free microfiber drying towel will absorb seven times its weight in water without scratching the paint.

5. Technique

Other than the products and materials used, using the correct technique is key. Don’t drag the towel across the surface. Instead, lay the microfiber towel over a spot and pat dry. This blotting technique reduces potential scratches. Alternatively, for those who don’t have the time or patience for the blotting method, we suggest moving the microfiber slowly when drying.

6. Waxing

Certain waxes have a light polishing effect to remove light scratches and mild defects and are designed specifically for black paint, to create a deeper, darker reflection.

Portughes Car Detailing – leading provider in car detailing and car cleaning in Malta – is happy to get the job done for you. So if you’d like to find out more about our car detailing packages, contact us today!

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