Quilty as Charged! Tips Caring for your Quilts

With summer finally underway, most of us are busy putting away our heavy winter things for storage and exchanging them for swimsuits! As with our clothing, it’s important to preserve the quality of our bedding so that it remains in good condition until we need to bring them out again. Our team at Portughes have been providing professional dry cleaning in Malta for a number of years – read on for our simple guide on how to care for your winter quilts.


Always check the care label

Every quilt should come with a set of instructions which detail how to best care for and wash the product. Synthetic materials ought to be washed at 60 degrees, as dust mites and other germs cannot survive at this temperature. Superking size quilts should be washed in machines with a high capacity drum; otherwise, the best solution is to have it professionally dry cleaned.

After the cycle has finished, shake the quilt to redistribute the filling while it is still damp. Hang it out to dry in the sun as quickly as possible, or give it a quick spin in the tumble dryer for no more than 45 minutes.
Washing your quilt before putting it away will help extend its lifespan, and ensure that its filling power remains intact. It should not be cleaned more than twice a year, as excessive washing could cause unnecessary wear and tear.


How should quilts be stored?

To protect your quilt from dust mites and other pests, we recommend using a plastic storage bag that can be vacuum sealed; this also serves to fend off humidity and other elements which may cause damage. Always store it away from direct sunlight and in cool spaces, far away from close heat, in order to prevent the material from fading. To stop the growth of mildew, keep it away from moisture and dampness.
N.B: Bags made of out linen or natural fibre cotton are also good alternatives to plastic.


Why should you dry clean your bedding?

While cleaning and washing quilts definitely has its benefits, professional dry cleaning will undoubtedly yield the best results for the following reasons:
It gives quilts a better appearance, maintaining an even look without stretching the material out.
Dry cleaning quilts ensures a thorough cleanse right down to fibre level, removing all debris found in the fabric, as well as removing stains and blemishes.
It does jobs that normal home appliances may not be strong enough to handle, thus saving you the hassle any potential damages.


Looking for a professional launderette in Malta?

In order to ensure a comfortable hibernation period for your favourite quilts and winter bedding, Portughes Dry Cleaning is at your service to give you peace of mind while you enjoy your summer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment – look no further than Portughes when it comes to dry cleaning in Malta!

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