How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Clothes

No matter how fluffy and cute your pet may look, their fur undeniably looks much better on them than it does on our coats or jackets. Pet hair easily clings onto different fabrics and materials, making it somewhat tedious and difficult to remove. As the top launderette Malta has to offer, Portughes Dry Cleaning have gathered a few tips on getting your clothes completely fur free!


1. Surfaces that grip

  • Velcro straps: the hook and loops (the rough side of the straps) make for excellent tools when gathering pet fur off clothing, along with carpets and other upholstery.
  • Sellotape: Wrap the tape around your hand, leaving the sticky side facing outwards. You can then pick up any stray hairs by patting the surface of the fur-covered area.
  • Lint rollers: a must-have for any pet owner. It’s a good idea to keep one in the car and at the office for quick touch-ups, especially if Snowball decides to give you a kiss goodbye just before you leave for work in the morning…


2. Water and moisture

  • Kitchen sponges: Dampen a regular kitchen sponge with water, and rub the material gently. The damp sponge will cause the fur to ball up and clump together, making it easier to remove. Alternatively, moisten your hand with water instead and pat down the affected area; this technique will more or less achieve the same result
  • Latex gloves: Used on their own, these gloves are great for picking up a lot of fur due to their textured surfaces. To make them even more effective, add a small amount of water to the palm area.


3. Static electricity

  • Balloon: You can use the static created by a balloon as it rubs up against a surface to pick up any strands of pet fur laying around.
  • Fabric softener sheets: Mix a small amount of water and fabric softener together, and mist the area with it before using the sheet to remove any pet hair.


Bonus tips on removing pet hair

  • Groom your pets regularly by brushing them, which will reduce the amount of loose hairs falling from their coat.
  • Try and shop around for vacuum cleaners which are fitted with brushes and filters specially designed for the removal of pet fur, without releasing any harmful allergens into the air while cleaning.
  • Run any fur-covered clothes through the tumble-dryer for about 10 minutes, on a no heat setting. Give the load of laundry a good shake afterwards, then toss them in the washing machine.


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