Spring-Clean Your Wardrobe This Spring the Marie Kondo Way!

2019 is all about living that clutter-free life, in no small part thanks to Japanese tidying guru, Marie Kondo. With a bestselling book and a hugely popular Netflix series under her belt, Kondo has won the hearts of even the slobbiest of slobs out there! As the best launderette Malta has to offer, Portughes Dry Cleaning share a few of her wardrobe tips below.


1. De-Cluttering Begins with Categorising

Start by sorting out all your clothes into different categories: dresses, shirts, trousers, shoes and so on. After you’ve got everything separated into different sections, just grab a category and dump each one into a pile.


2. Does it “spark joy”?

The phrase that spawned a million memes, “sparking joy” stems from the Japanese word takimeku, which means “flutter, throb, palpitate”. After everything has been dumped in one big pile, Kondo advises picking up each item one by one, holding it close to you (even breathing in the smell, if it helps) and seeing whether it still sparks some sort of positive emotion. That jumper you’ve been hoarding since your University days? You might find that it’s been the object responsible for leaving fluff everywhere the past few months. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in feelings of nostalgia or sentimentality! To make this process easier on the soul, before throwing away or donating any items you don’t need any more, do it the Kondo way and thank them for their service.


3. The Fold

Have you ever spent hours folding all your clothes neatly in your wardrobe, only to mess everything up in just a few seconds when looking for that outfit you so desperately need?

Marie Kondo has come up with a system that allows clothes to be stacked side by side, using a vertical folding method. It also arranges everything in your dresser in a way that each item can be seen clearly, doing away with the hassle of rummaging through all your clothes when you need to find something.
Bonus tip: Divide your drawers into sections by using shoeboxes.


4. Hang ‘em High

Kondo’s way of hanging clothes differs from the norm – she prefers hanging the heaviest items (with thick fabrics, dark colours or long lengths) at the left side of the wardrobe, leaving the lighter items to hang on the right. This system of organisation is easier on both the eyes and the mind.


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