The Importance of Dry Cleaning Clothes Before Storing Them

Although the weather seems to have been a little undecided lately, there’s no question that the summer heat is right around the corner, meaning that sleeves are getting shorter, materials are getting lighter, and cardigans and coats are being set aside. Before packing your winter clothes away, however, it might be a wise idea to get them dry cleaned first. Here’s why:

It keeps them smelling fresh
Nobody likes being “welcomed” by a stuffy, mouldy smell upon unpacking your cosiest clothes when the colder weather starts kicking in again. To prevent this from happening, it’s important to have everything dry cleaned to be left nice, fresh, and clean before storing them away for several months.

It ensures that they’re bug-free
Mould isn’t the only unpleasant thing that you can come across when unpacking stored clothes – you can also be greeted by several types of bugs and insects. By having all of your items dry cleaned prior to storage, you are freshening them up and thus making them less attractive and inhabitable to such creatures.

It gets rid of stains
Whether it’s from splattered bolognese sauce, something you sat on, an unfortunate ink spill in the office, or some other accident from a fun night out, chances are that dry cleaning can fix it. Nasty stains are practically impossible to remove by simply machine or hand washing, but the dry cleaning process uses special solvents that can make your clothes look as good as new.

Not only does dry cleaning help to protect your clothes and keep them in top condition while they’re stored away, but it also saves you from having to do all the work yourself! What’s more, Portughes goes a step further and offers free pick-up and delivery across Malta and Gozo.

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