The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

They keep your feet toasty. They fill up your space. Yet, carpets are often unintentionally neglected. We think we can keep them clean ourselves; that vacuuming every few weeks is enough, right? Wrong.

Professional cleaning and steaming is the only way to protect your carpet and your health. Portughes Dry Cleaning – popular provider of cleaning services in Malta – discuss the 5 reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

1. Inspections

Every carpet cleaning situation is unique and needs to be analysed accordingly. That’s why every carpet that reaches the Portughes Dry Cleaning premises is inspected by a senior member of staff who gives a complete analysis of the carpet, noting any heavily-soiled areas or possible risks of damage. In the case of evident risks, these will be discussed with the customer before the cleaning process begins.

2. Professional equipment: for indoor air quality and allergy reduction

Indoor air quality can be much worse than outdoor air quality if your carpets and upholstery aren’t cleaned correctly and regularly enough. Although carpets trap airborne pollutants and other common household allergens such as dirt and other debris that fall and get caught in the carpet fibres, once the carpet is stepped on, the settled bits of allergen are stirred up, causing them to become airborne again and then inhaled. Therefore, those pollutants must be removed in order to maintain indoor air quality and reduce allergies.

Moreover, moist soiling of carpets can result in the accumulation of several unhealthy contaminants which is hard to remove without the right equipment.

Portughes Dry Cleaning’s specialist machines use highly-effective methods to remove ground-in dirt and extract debris that may not be visible to the naked eye. Once the cleaning process is done, each garment is hand finished using our latest equipment.

3. Removes stains

As with other soils, spots and stains can attract more soiling, so it is important to remove them promptly to protect your carpeting from damage.

4. Enhances the appearance of any room

Carpets that are clean and well-maintained reflect the overall cleanliness of a home or facility, and there’s no better way of making carpeting look and feel fresh than through a professional carpet cleaning!

5. Prolongs the life of carpeting

Regular and correct carpet cleaning can increase a carpet’s life significantly so you get to enjoy it longer and should you choose to sell it, it will retain its value.

From upholstery cleaning and dry cleaning to carpet cleaning in Malta, Portughes Dry Cleaning offers top-quality service to both companies and the general public for your cleaning needs. What’s more, we offer free door-to-door service around Malta and Gozo. So roll your carpet up and let us do the rest! For more information, contact us today.

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