The Importance of Proper Clothes Storage

Have you ever stored clothing, only to pull an item out a few months later and find strange, yellow stains on it? How about finding fabric that is riddled with little holes? Portughes – offering dry cleaning in Malta – share 3 tips to keep in mind when storing clothes, so when you pull them back out again, they’ll still look and smell great!


Rule #1 – Choose an ideal storage location

Choose a cool, dry, and well-ventilated location. Remember, excess moisture can make clothes musty or even mildewed. On the other hand, excess heat can damage clothing fibres or embellishments (particularly elastics) and also set in stains. Avoid storage locations in direct sunlight because the sun can actually fade clothes’ colours. As long as you choose a climate-controlled area of your home, you’re sorted.


Rule #2 – Choose proper hangers

For the clothes you decide to hang up, be sure to use good-quality, sturdy and wide hangers. Such hangers help your clothes maintain their proper shape and not get stretched out. What’s more, such clothes need to be covered to prevent them from getting dusty, and to deter pests. To ensure maximum protection, use zippered fabric garment bags – this is especially important for coats and jackets.


Rule #3 – Choose good containers for folded clothes storage

For the clothes you’ll want to fold and store, be sure to choose the proper containers to keep them protected and looking their best. Don’t store your clothes in cardboard boxes, as they attract pests which eat cardboard, not to mention, the acidity within the cardboard can discolour clothes. Worse yet, you cannot tightly seal cardboard boxes, so they can’t provide any protection against water damage.

We recommend opting for plastic containers, or even breathable sturdy fabric containers (as long as they have a lid that closes tightly). Don’t forget to label your boxes with the contents inside, so you can find what you need without hassle.



Are you still trying to wrap your head around the piles upon piles of clothes you still need to organise, wash and store? Fret not, Portughes Dry Cleaning can help ease the stressful process, by providing the best dry cleaning Malta has to offer! We’ll even come pick up your laundry, so you needn’t leave the house!


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