Things in Your Home That Need Spring Cleaning Which are Often Forgotten – Part 1

With less than 3 weeks remaining until it’s officially spring, and the days getting longer and warmer, it’s time to prepare ourselves mentally and physically for that time of the year – spring cleaning time.

While most people consider spring cleaning to be a time to organise wardrobes and drawers, bring out clothes and shoes for the new season, fish out the brighter-coloured table mats and home décor, dust the furniture, and possibly polish the silverware, there are lots of other not-so-little things that many people tend to neglect. Here are a few things that could really do with some attention, at least a couple of times a year:

Condiments and Supplies
The chances of finding a jar or bottle of something that is way past its expiry date lying around in your cupboards are pretty high, and what better time to chuck them out than now?

Take a thorough look at everything in your fridge, cupboards, drawers, and spice rack and chuck out anything that’s been there way too long. Of course, some things last more than others (spices can last up to around three years, while ketchup lasts 6 months) so take a look at what you’ve got lying around and start binning.

This also applies to other supplies such as cleaning materials and detergents, makeup and brushes, soaps and cleansers, medicines, and other first-aid supplies.

Computer & Other Electronics
Everyone knows how easily dust gathers, but spring cleaning is about much more than dust and cobwebs. Anything that you use with your hands in particular – from your keyboard and mouse to TV remotes, and even musical instruments – needs a serious disinfecting and cleaning at least twice a year. On top of all the dust and muck that gathers over time, the germs from your hands add on to the dirt which, apart from ruining and wearing these things out, also makes them highly unsanitary to use.

Consider keeping some disinfectant wipes, cleaning cloths, and hand sanitizers around such things to keep them clean and preserve their quality.

All Soft Furnishings
Very often, we don’t realise how dirty our soft furnishings such as carpets, quilts, pillows, and curtains get. We tend to avoid cleaning them because it’s inconvenient, but they definitely need to be cleaned – especially if you’re packing them away for the warmer months. Thankfully, Portughes is here to help!

Portughes offers great deals on spring cleaning for textiles such as quilts, carpets, curtains, and more! Get in touch with us today to find out more about our spring cleaning services.

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