How to Clean Summer Clothes: 5 Tips from Portughes Dry Cleaning

We Maltese do love the summer season, but let’s face it – the hot weather and school holidays often mean more stains, sweat and wear and tear on clothes as we dash from one event to the next. Portughes has put together a few helpful tips to help you keep your clothes looking fresh and clean during the heat.


Fight off Food Stains

Ice cream, BBQ sauce, grease, fruit juice… there’s no end to the list of summer stains. It’s a good idea to keep a pack of wet wipes or stain sticks in your bag in case of an accident. If you don’t have any available, grab a paper towel and place it on the affected area, soaking it with plenty of cold water from the back. This will make it easier to remove the stain later when doing a proper wash.


Take Advantage of the Sunshine!

Save energy at home and hang clothes outside to dry. The sun can actually kill bacteria and other germs with its powerful rays, making it an ideal natural source to utilise when doing laundry. Prevent darker colours from fading by hanging them in shadier areas, away from direct sunlight.


Clean out the Chlorine

When returning home from a day at the pool, don’t delay too much before you clean swimsuits. It’s best to deal with them straight away by rinsing them in cold water. Chlorine can easily wear away and loosen the elastic in most bikinis and swimming trunks, especially when combined with body oil and sunscreen.


Say Sayonara to Sand

Don’t throw any beach clothes into the washing machine before you shake them thoroughly and dry them out. Otherwise, sand could easily spread to other clothes in the same load, making it much harder and extra annoying to get rid of. Side tip: take a bottle of baby powder with you to the beach to rub sandy feet before getting into the car.


Demolish Deodorant Stains

Wearing deodorant during hot and sweaty temperatures is a must. However, the resulting stains can be a bit tricky to get rid of. Mix up some white vinegar, water and dishwashing liquid and dab the solution into the stain. Rinse with water and then blot before putting it in the wash.

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