Tips on Mending Clothes – Launderette in Malta

Torn jeans? Loose buttons? In order to build a sustainable future, it’s vital that we revive important skills such as mending clothing; with this comes the valuing of textiles and garments that have taken considerable resources to create. As a leading launderette in Malta which also offers mending services, here are some basic tips on mending clothes.


1. Thread Carefully

We suggest choosing thread that is the same colour or a shade darker than the material, as thread usually ends up looking lighter than it does on the spool. However, choosing the right thread involves more than choosing the correct colour. Avoid using long lengths of thread because when pulled back and forth in a darn, it can pull and stretch the area out of shape.


2. Stitching

There are various stitching methods, however, knowing these two is a great start:

Running Stitch
The running stitch – which can be worked in straight or curved lines – is the most basic of all hand sewing stitches and is what all other forms of sewing are based off of. This technique is ideal for shirts, blouses and non-stretchy fabrics. Once you have your needle double threaded, knot the end and you’re ready to sew.
Watch a tutorial here.

Back stitching
Great when you need a solid line, the back stitch is an advanced variation of the running stitch, where you constantly take one step back and two steps forward along your stitch line. This type of stitching is stronger and will probably last longer, which is why it’s ideal for jeans, tracksuits and stretchy fabrics, re-attaching zippers where the seam has come undone, and for repairing tears or parts of fabric that has started to unravel. Watch a tutorial here.


3. Sew That Button Up

Knowing how to sew a button back on can be pretty handy and easy once you get the hang of it. Follow this YouTube tutorial here.


Get Your Garments Mended at Portughes – Leading Launderette in Malta

There’s no need to get rid of your clothes and shop for new ones just because buttons need replacing, undone hems require fixing, and tears repaired. And if you don’t trust yourself with a needle and thread or simply don’t have time or patience for DIY, bring your clothes and materials over to Portughes and leave the task in our team’s capable hands. Contact us for more information about the services we offer!

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