Top 6 Car Detailing Secrets

If we tell you, we’ll have to kill you…


Fact: it’s not only us humans who age and need to be washed and waxed to maintain youth and freshness. Yet, like human grooming isn’t only a matter of vanity, neither is detailing your car. Maintaining your car’s value allows you to get the most years out of it, and the best possible price when it comes to parting ways.

So how to achieve that newly-bought car smell and shine professional detailers manage to? To get the most of your grooming efforts, always remember:

1. Two is the magic number

When washing a car, always use two buckets, one with shampoo and one without. This avoids putting dirty water back on to the car. Also remember to wash your car when the bodywork is cool and out of direct sunlight as water evaporates faster on hot cars and this can leave water marks.

2. Cloth business

Goodbye traditional sponges, hello soft, microfibre cloths. Microfibre cloths offer lower friction, making them easier to wash, rinse and dry your car effectively, without risking scratching its paintwork.

3. Dry glass surfaces in two directions

How annoying are those streaks on either side of the glass while drying your car’s windows? Very annoying indeed. To make the process more bearable, try drying the exterior glass in one direction and the interior in another in order to find out where the streak is based on the direction it’s facing. Thus, you can deal with the problem faster and without causing even more streaks.

4. Invest in a dual action polisher

Polishing is one of the most important jobs when it comes to professionally detailing your car, so we’d definitely recommend investing in a dual-action polisher, which is perfect for ironing out areas of abrasion and removing layers of old wax, ensuring a smooth, even finish and shine.

5. For the love of science! 

Use static electricity: evidence of that last packet of chocolate biscuits you binged on two weeks ago is now trapped in the carpet fibres, along with dust and other bits. And there’s nothing more annoying than scrubbing your car’s carpets with a vacuum brush, only to find the bits are even more ingrained than they previously were.

Static electricity is the answer to drawing the dirt upwards and out of the fibres. Generate static by wearing a latex glove and gently rubbing your hand across the surface of the carpet. The friction will generate static, and pull the bits upwards for easier removal with a hoover. So for the love of science, use static electricity for those stubborn crumbs.

6. Tickle Those Nostrils

The Olfactory system (or in layman’s terms, our sense of smell), is one of the most powerful senses we possess, and there’s no scent better than that new car scent – other than freshly-baked bread of course! Giving the car’s vents a quick blast with a can of compressed air gets rid of stale odours caused by dust and moisture that build up inside air vents, giving your car a fresher smell. Ah, smells like spring.

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